Beau's Links October 1, 2019

Severe Weather Links 2023

Moisture Transport for atmospheric rivers

GFDL Model (experimental)

Accumulated Winter Severity Outlook

SPC HREF Experimental

SPC model

SPC 1km experimental (does not always run)

New radar page with chasers


SPC Hodo

Local PAH Hodo

College Dupage

SPC SREF Tornado Ingredients

EC Model ensemble low centers.

WeatherBell Ensemble Lows

Extreme Event Ensembles

Severe Weather Parameters

GFS Plumes

GFS ensembles Weather models

EC ensembles. Weather models

CIPS model one

CIPS model two

CIPS analogs three

CIPS analog severe only


Local weather NWS office


NWS Chat

Mighty Text

Ryan Hall YouTube  Reed Timmer

AWARE code

Aware email code

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Aware Email.

Sign up for Beauís AWARE email.  This is a free service.  You will receive an email before a severe weather or winter weather event.

Sign up at this link

WeatherTalk Blog Adm

Text to voice for Weather Message Link jdarnal Changeme2017

PowerPoint Present Videos LINK

Web Bulb Link

Hourly Obs any station aeris Link

Haby Hints Link

Climate Rankings Iowa Statea LINK

Weather 101 Videos Link
Weather 101 Severe Season LINK

Play with soundings snow and rain Link

Cut through the nonsense of winter storms Link

Paducah GFS Plumes for rainfall Link

Storm Hamster Daily Brief Link

How rare is this rainfall amount LINK

Probability of severe model Link

UK AG Link

New usa map shows anomalies Link

METEOBluf Cool site Link

Meteo Weather Charts LINK

Extreme Precipitation Forecast %percentile LINK
ERL Situation PAH shows % chance LINK

CFS Dashboard shows month ahead severe % risk Link

WRH Ensembles for heavy rain graphics LINK

Climate Forecast videos flood forecast videos LInk

Pollen Forecast LINK

NCEP animations rain totals dew points other LINK

Animate the wind blue LINK
Another animation LINK

NWS surface obs good to show fronts Link

Praeditix graphics Link

Climate Center Link
Paducah, KY Monthly / Daily Climate print out sheets. Link

NWS Paducah Winter GIS maps Link

GIS rainfall maps Link

Snowfall Ice all NWS offices GIS maps Link

Precipitable Water Anomalies LINK

Severe Weather Cheat Sheet Link

SKIT national map track severe storms Link

Power Outage US Link

Twitter tornado warnings Link

Severe T Warnings Twitter Link
Flash flood warnings Twitter Link

Live lightning map Link Link

CIPS analogs main page Link
CIPS analogs severe weather page Link

NAM and GFS banding graphics LINK

Rankings Values Percentiles Link

Climate Center Link

NWS Paducah Climate Files Link

Climate Change Courses

Climate Change Courses Link

Skeptical Science

Skeptical Science

WeatherTalk Blog Adm

Beau's new radar Upload

Wet Bulb HEAT product NEW Link

Nice Tropical Storm blog Link

New CIMMS daily zoomed severe probs link

Archived SOUNDINGS from 1979 onward Link

PayPal For Non-App People people

IEM maps

Monthly departures you can do year over year or other CODE 97  Link

Precipitation ranks CODE 24 Link

UK Agriculture page


Link to a Facebook page lessons

DAMWeather Blog

Morning Load Maps

Apple App
Android App
Baron App Add
Don't choose too many counties YouTube
Weather Talk YouTube what are the 4 choices

College Dupage
Pivotal Weather

Accu Weather New Animator Click here
Simuawips Click Here

Fog Visibility HRRR Link

GEFS plumes

Tropical Tidbits

Accu Animator
Crop Progress Report
Wind World Map animated

LEAF index for Spring  Link

Storm Prediction Center CWASP 65% slight.   75% Moderate.  85% High risk

MRMS Hail tracker other Link

CFS Severe Weather Monthly Tracker Link

SPC Severe Weather Review Overlay Storm Reports Link   Link

ESRL Paducah Situational Awareness Tracker Link

Model Lab Link
Ramsdis Satellite Link
LARGE satellite  Link and FTP of images
GEFS Plumes Link
Beau's Imagery PX Page  Link
Watch Local Channels Link    DODSON022619     R480364061
Watch new one link

Another gauge for Paducah Link
Probability of Severe Link and link

Flash flood guidance Link

Water Vapor Transport East and West Link

Flash flood guidance county by county Link

GEFS extreme forecast probabilities precip and other link

SPC SREF Mean and other graphics high res CAMS Link
SPC HREF high res 24 hour plotter CAM  Link
Large Surface Plot  Link

Plot Monthly Rankings Iowa State Link

Impact of weather on hay Link

UK Weather for hay forecasting Link

Precipitation Snow Sleet Freezing Rain Simulator Link
How to cut through the nonsense in winter storm forecasting Link

Euro weather

SREF Plumesv
SPI index  Click Here
Base Maps SPI pages
NLDas Drought Maps

Prism Drought Precip Anomalies Click here
Analysis Surface Map  Large Map
WeatherTap LARGE visible satellite

Dew points map all levels of atmosphere Link

SPC Ensembles CFS Click here
Private WeatherTalk facebook page
Blog admin page

[MISC] With severe weather possibilities ramping up next week, this is a great experimental radar site from NWS:

A more zoomed in SPC outlook graphic is here:
(small to large scale)

The IEM NWSBOT monitor gives public, real-time / nearly instant updates on products, similar to NWS WX Wire/NWSChat:

Another helpful graphic if you're just starting to read SPC/WPC discussions is the region reference map:

A few other links I like for severe weather are:

Long range

Bering sea rule blog
KOPN Twitter feed
Midwest Climate Watch
The Players Tour  PAH 1  PAH 2
Climate Gov
WSV3 Forum
Long Range Cycle


Facebook Page and other APP

Apple App Beau Dodson Weather Click here

Donate page if people want to help out Click here

Beau Dodson Weather

Paducah Sun
Metropolis Planet

Ballard Weather Alerts

Carlisle County Weekly
Carlisle County 911

Murray Radio NPR - college  WKMS

McCracken County OEM
McCracken County Rescue

Mayfield City of

Massac County ESDA


Southeast MO ALERTS


Transportation Pages

For some of the latest travel information, road closures, & traffic accident information you can visit these pages and ask to join.

You can ask questions in these groups and typically receive an answer in a short amount of time.

New Page to post too

Owensboro and Daviess County information. Link




Southern IL

Southeast MO

Western KY

Private Beau Dodson Weather Facebook Page

Rescue Squad for Beau Only not Joey - Facebook link

Weather Talk Landing Page
Page to enter email or phone number to check their information
Page to check to see if they entered the right phone number
FireHorn Page to run phone numbers through

 Nick Hausen
WSIL Jim Rasor   WSIL Main News Page

Media Contacts
NPR WKMS  Email these Todd Hatton  WKMS News  Chad Lambs
WMOK Metropolis Illinois News Director email addy  General email
Chris Freeland WCBL Radio Benton, KY 2705273102  Email
WIBH Radio Moury Bass  Anna, IL

Paducah Sun News Department Email  Steve Wilson new editor - his email

Weather Observatory Main Landing Page

Fog satellite

1 KM High Resolution Satellite Images

Storm Prediction Center State by State maps

How to recap a storm example


Difax Maps

National Difax Surface Chart

HIGH Res IL University for our region
Pivotal Weather
Tropical TidBits
Storm Vista
Iowa State Bufkit
Zoom in RUC
Media-State Text GFS
NCAR Ensembles (winter and severe)
CIPS Analogs

Show people MODIS satellite view of snow
CIMMS very cool images each day
PWAT Satellite view
Want to see clouds at night?  Use the 2-4 button

Wind Forecast

Tweet Deck

Precipitation maker show people during winter storms - very cool

Oak Crest Camera

Long range cycle blog
Chris Bailey
Jacobs Daily Weather
Jeff Masters Blog
Judah Cohen Long Range Winter forecast - good
WCV3 Forums

Some extra stuff from time to time for blog

Atmosphere River Graphics - cool to see return moisture

Climate Rankings month by month
Illinois Climate Watch

Raffle Copter

What I like open
Contest for giving away stuff
GOES 1 minute scans
Mighty Text
TWeet Deck
WeatherTalk Blog Adm
SPI Index and more LINK
REgional Climate Data with SPI LINK
College Of Dupage
Accu Model Model Loops
Pivotal Client
SPC HRRR model
Euro Maps
NASS Ag numbers
Tropical TidBits
WeatherTap Sat Large

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Why is weather forecasting so difficult?

"Consider a rotating spherical envelope of a mixture of gases -- occasionally murky and always somewhat viscous. Place it around an astronomical object nearly 8,000 miles in diameter. Tilt the system back and forth with respect to its source of heat and light. Freezing it at the poles of its axis of rotation and intensely heat it in the middle. Cover most of the surface of the sphere with a liquid that continually feeds moisture into the atmosphere. Subject the whole to tidal forces induced by the sun and a captive satellite.Then try and predict the conditions of one small portion of the atmosphere for a period of one to seven days in advance" - Peter R. Chaston


Better way to write watches and warnings

Better way to write
winter storm